Check yourself!

Late Sunday afternoon while sitting with a group of friends one of the men challenged us with the following questions. Are you all right? Are you happy? Are you experiencing what you expected? Have you accomplished everything you wanted to accomplish? Of course this gave everyone great pause for the cause as they mulled individually exactly what their answers would be. In the moment I knew the answers to all the questions. Was I alright? Yes, I was. Was I happy? Happier than I had ever been in spite of a few recent disappointments. Was I experiencing what I expected? Absolutely not. I never expected to be living in Ghana. And it this has been the greatest and most wonderful surprise of my entire life! I never expected to be the author I’ve become and touch the lives of countless people. I always wanted to travel and I’ve done that. I always wanted rich relationships with special friends and I’ve done that. Which would lead to the last question, Have I accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish. No I have not. Several things remain on my dream list. I pray it is a Godly dissatisfaction that keeps me pushing myself to do more, reach further and higher. But the bottom line is the questions were good ones to ask yourself on a regular basis? Life is the most complex business you will ever run and one has to stop and chart  your progress, check yourself and know when you’ve gotten off track or need to focus more on your direction. But the questions also clarified something else. My life is not my own. Yes I’ve made plans but some of them were not on God’s list for me. This caused me great angst until I let go of my list and allowed Him to rewrite it. Wow! God’s plans were waaaay more exciting than mine. I have to say my Abba Father has incredible taste. So while you are checking yourself, check in with the One who is the best life consultant on the planet. He may have some directions that can not just surprise you with joy, but actually fulfill your desires above and beyond your imagination. Has my life turned out the way I imagined? No it hasn’t. Its far more fabulous than my initial concept. And I can’t wait to see what the future holds! Perhaps its time for you to ask yourself the same four questions and if your answers reflect dissappointment and dissatisfaction then add a fifth question– What are you going to do about it?

7 Responses to Check yourself!

  1. Jeanette Hill says:

    Hard questions, harder answers…

  2. Reina says:

    Thanks for sharing the gifts God has given you through your writing and life experiences. This is just further confirmation of what God wants for my life as I just resigned from my job of 11 years this past month. I know he is my provider and will supply all my needs accorfding to his glorious riches. Philippians 4:19
    Have a Blessed Week!!

  3. Michelle, I can certainly identify with this posting. At times it seems like transition is the name of the street I live on. And I did personally have to ask that 5th question. “Trusting the Lord like never before, realizing deep in your heart and spirit that God has an end that is good as He promised in Romans 8:28,” this is what keeps you going, continuing to worship and growing in my Faith and confidence in the Lord. Abba Father really does know best and the beauty of the journey is continuously discovering along the way more and more of His love and having your eyes opened to His plan for your life. Thanks for sharing! James

  4. Nikki Wilson says:

    A self check is most definitely necessary to keep yourself focused on task! to answer those questions, Yes, I am alright! I am more content than I am happy but i’m working on that :) , I am actually experiencing way more than I expected, and I still have yet to accomplish everything I set out to do just yet. I never thought I would be single (never married) at 38 yrs old. God has shown me that while I am in this season, my purpose is to encourage other single moms and make the absolute most of this time in my life!! Once I decided to be powerful and not pitiful, I started focusing on the things that I could accomplish (buying a condo, completing my degree, starting a career, networking and volunteering) and stopped dwelling on the fact that I wasn’t married. God is good!

  5. sky says:

    I have a career, car, apartment, but no family..
    I have a bucket list of the things I want to work on.. including learning guitar..
    but theres a huge hole in my heart.. My capacity for happiness is largely limited by the fact that I have no family.. a ‘home’ is not four walls you reside in..a ‘home’ is where your family is.. I have no family.. therefor even though I have an apartment.. I have no home..
    There is no loving family to spend Christmas with.. there are no arms to hold me when im sad.. and all of my friends are consumed with their own families and rightly so..
    so there is no place in this life for me.. unil od provides me with a family.. somewhere i belong.. while i don’tbelong.. i will never be happy. I don’t want to ever pretend its ok to be single. isnot. I long for a family.. I long to find ‘th eone’

  6. Omoyeme says:

    Planing to quit my job in a few weeks and I’m asking myself alrdy “what the heck am I about to do?” But I really can’t help the dissatisfaction I carry on the inside…I just pray its a godly one, so I just keep trusting God to have His way

  7. Toyin says:

    Yes, I am happy and alright. I now play the Lawn Tennis have always desired. I no longer ask my parents for money which is another great thing I prayed for. I wake up every morning with gratitude to God. Though, there are many others on my list. I believe every step I take is the next step I need.

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