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Here’s to this thing we call living life. All I know is there is never a dull moment in Christ. Always a new adventure and my life is the best reality show I’ve watched ’cause I’m in it and I’ve met tons of incredible people with incredible stories to add to mine along the way. I love interacting and finding out about where people live, what they’ve experienced and learned along the way. Its all about learning and if you missed that tip then you missed the meal honey! So lets share and glean and grow together. This author, speaker, singer, lover of three shih tzu puppies and one good man is passionate about her God and her purpose. I just want to make God smile and bless some folk! So heres’ to humanity, the mistakes we make, the grace God gives and the priceless riches we find along the path of life.


Me, Myself and Him

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  1. Renae Green says:

    Hello Michelle,

    I have been watching you on 3DWoman in Orlando, FL and have enjoyed every program. I feel like you’re another friend and sister in the Lord.

    I am presently recuperating from a surgery that had tremendous complications that has lasted for over a year. I am improving with the healing power of God’s hand. I have another surgery to have my colostomy reversed. I request your prayers for a good recovery without complications. Keep up the good work that you are doing for the Lord. You have been an inspiration to me and others.

    God bless always!

  2. Josiane says:

    Dear Michelle,
    You are an inspiration. I watched you today on GTV on topic: Infidelity; your views were so pertinent and insightful that glued to my set, I forgot the time.
    I was amazed and I decided to do some research and know more about you. I have to admit, it was my first time seeing you. Maybe I have seen you before and I can’t recollect, but this morning I saw you and I don’t think I can ever forget your amazing display of wisdom.
    I wish you receive this message; because I also left a country that was dear to my heart to settle in Ghana. I left comfort and family and sometimes despite the peace and joy I find here, I feel somehow lost. By reading your blog, I understood today that what creates that feeling is Lot’s wife attitude; I look behind so often that it paralyzes me and stops me from appreciating all those other things that have made so much difference in my self-realization…the things that have brought me so much happiness and real peace of mind.
    Thank you for awakening me about valuing today’s grace of God and not dwelling in the past.

  3. Otibhor Odia. says:

    Sister Michelle,thank you so much for being a blessing to me in your lifestyle and through your books….yes!- since i realised God does smile(in ur book Diva-tudes),all i wanna do is make him smile…thank you for being my inspiration to be a divine Diva.

  4. Nikki Robertson says:

    Hello Michelle,
    Girl…I didn’t want to dig and search myself with your book on Heartache. Girl but I did. and it really help, helped, and still helps. I’m just like WOW. The chapter called “Let Go”…I read constantly. You are a very powerful author GOD bless you!*

  5. Vivian says:

    Hello Sis Michelle,

    I just wanted to thank you for all the service your have done for singles everywhere. I remember reading your first book “What to do till love finds you” when I was in my freshman year of college and since then I have always had you in mind as a faithful sassy and sophisticated woman of God. You came to my mind a couple weeks ago and I came cross a youtube video giving your testimony about how you met your “Boaz” and I remember leaping up and down and giving thanks to God for blessing you with the man of your dreams. Your story has given me hope and assurance that our God is very very faithful and just when we think we are off His radar, He surprises us in a way that is beyond our wildest hopes and dreams. Thank you for sharing your story and being such a wonderful instrument in hands of God.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Hi Ms Hammond,
    I also read your books and been inspired as young woman to be “single and satisfied” by your words. As I approached my forties, that sense of satisfaction started to transitioned into dissatisfaction. I do desire God’s will for my life, but also desire to be married and have children. I even prayed that if marriage is not His will for my life then remove the urge. I know my father will not withhold any good thing from me,but being single as a mature person is a struggle. The irony of this situation, I much more secure in myself now than when I was younger. The things that I was willing to tolerate in a relationship as a young woman is totally not acceptable now. My point for submitting a comment is to thank you for writing the blog “to marry or not to marry”, it gave me a whole new perspective on marriage, specifically my motives for wanting to be married. Thank you for being a vessel of wisdom for a population that is often ostracized because of gender, marital status and being a certain age.

    Grace & Peace,

  7. Melva Hodge says:

    You are a kindred spirit! I have become acquainted with you via a link one of my sistahz sent me. The first article of yours that I’ve ever experienced was “To Marry or Not To Marry?”and EVERY WORD RANG TRUE! So much so, that I went directly to your home page to find out just who you are! Well, mighty, anointed, down-to-earth, right-in-Spirit, woman of God, who knows, lives, loves, and REPRESENTS the Father-Poppa-Daddy that is also mine….It is an HONOR to be in the same family. I thank Him for you and the gift He has placed in you, that you MOSt DEFinitely have WORKED to its FULLest POTENTIAL! ( and the caps are not typos! 😉

  8. TThompson says:

    Love your blog! Very inspirational and much needed literature!

  9. Elizabeth kamuhanda says:

    Hello,Michelle, before I even write more you should know that my best friend Julie refers to your books as warm chocolate on a bad cold day,you know how it warms your hands and eventually ur whole body feels warm,,,,yeah rite,each time I fall and I know that I won’t get up,she runs to her book shelf and gets me one of ur many books that she owns you can’t even imagine how many times I have read ur books over and over again and each time feels like the first time.you have blessed my soul with the work of ur hands thank GOD for people like

  10. Martha Kamau says:

    Good morning,
    I actually first watched you in a video tape that I have at home. I loved listening to you. It was a blessing. I am actually a stay home mum with a three year old and three month old. I am always sleep deprived but hey, I aint complaining. Anyway, I have a heart for helping the needy so I asked God to use me to write books and music(Love praise and worship) so that I could get some income to send to a certain orphanage. So I am working on my first book which is not easy because of my life and the book God directed me to write was to single women. I just finished reading two of your books and I have to say, I enjoyed them very much. Anyway, I hope to meet you one day. I thank God that you are open to listen to Him and be all He wants you to be. God bless.

  11. Jonnel Latham says:

    Hi Michelle, thank you for your commitment to what God has called you to do! I am in search of what God expects of me and how I start living instead of just surviving. I am married to a good man that loves the Lord and we have 2 adorable children ages 5 and 7.

    I am lost in the days filled with making breakfast, lunch and dinner (we are a very healthy family, so mealtime is a full time job), cleaning, homeschooling, children activities, wifey considerations, ministering, accountant for our business, etc. etc. It’s too much!

    I have very little time for myself. Although I know God would not put on me more than I can bear; it’s not the bearing it because I have been doing that for almost 11 years; I am just tired of bearing it! I know it’s a runon sentence, but that is how it runs on in my life!

    I need to stop this roller coaster and catch the next train heading to BALANCE. The Lord has required us to homeschool (although I am mostly doing it), change our diets (I do most of the cooking) and for me to do the accounting work for the business (which I didn’t know anything about and had to learn. I am grateful because I think it is important to know the mechanics of your finances and what Ceaser expects, but it is just something else to learn to do in my life that is already filled with other things that are not my cup of tea), etc. etc.

    Well I have needs too and I have tried, planned and commanded to allow time for my needs, but if I get it, there is usually a penalty attached to it that I am left to deal with.

    I need a project that is my own to claim and I am passionate about, whether it is something volunteer, but preferably income generating. I want to get back to going to a hairdresser (I have been doing my own ‘natural’ hair for almost 2 years and it’s not being properly managed), getting manicures and pedicures. These things have not been affordable far too long. I was accustomed to my weekly hair appointments followed by manicures and pedicures when I wasn’t married. I didn’t realize that getting married and my husband’s career choices and our decisions of having children were going to be a trade-off. I knew the frequency would diminish, but just not exist was not considered! I am not a materialistic person, and I don’t mind a budget, but this is constant treading water which is ridiculous for any queen to have to indore. We don’t spend a lot. It always seems to go to the grocery store to buy healthy food, or something with the children, etc.. We don’t have a lot of clothes and I don’t really care for shopping unless I have to. I buy things very carefully so I can coordinate with other clothes we already have. Most people think we have a lot clothes, but that is a trick my mother taught me years ago. We don’t own a lot of shoes either.

    We consistently tithe our 10% faithfully and joyfully. I think we could do less offering and giving sometimes, but that is between my husband and God.

    Speak to me, because I haven’t received a Word from the Lord yet on the topic. I also have not found anyone that I can really talk to. What I have gotten, is either a spiritual talk, the sympathy walk or the nosey ear. I find a lot people do not really want to be real with themselves, including my darling husband, which causes a serious communication issue. Where are the folks that can admit to their baggage, look to get rid of some bags and tell a good story so we can all laugh? I have listened to him and others around me say things that I was there to see, just for them to speak as though they had no idea that they caused the situation. People just don’t want to own up!!

    Well, I am not one of those people, so I need to know: I helped to make this messy bed, but I don’t want to lie in it. I want it made up and enjoy my life.

    How do I do that?

  12. Dottie says:


    Everytime am discouraged, hopeless and down..I run to your blog, buy your books (which am about to finish..I always tick when am done with one) and am back again to living and loving life as God Intended! I thank God a million times for leading me to you and would want to grow with you in this thing called life.

    God Bless you so much as we continue being more in love with Him for who is He is, what He has done and is about to do …..again and again.

  13. Gloria Ify says:

    Michelle, you are a huge blessing to me and millions of others. Keep up the good work!

  14. Aremu Hellen says:

    Hi Michelle,
    You are blessing to my life, your books helps me a lot when ever i lost my peace, It help me to love myself and appreciate God for making me a woman. Your book “THE POWER OF BEING A WOMAN” build my courage to start working towards my purpose. Your commitment to what God’s has called you to do encourage me to surrender to God and start working towards the fulfillment of God’s purpose for my life. God bless you and will continue to renew your strength

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